• Fanless Cooling Tower

Fanless Cooling Tower


Fanless Cooling Tower are nothing but the water is cooled with natural atmospheric air travel and the water is sprayed with the help of Spray nozzles and covered with louvre covers in this cooling tower. This method saves the operating cost of your industry because it has no mechanical fans. These cooling towers are called as atmospheric cooling tower or Fanless cooling tower and filless cooling tower.


  1. The main function of the offered dry cooling tower is to cool and maintain the temperature of process hot water at a particular level.

  2. It is based on the principal of transfer of heat from hot water to atmospheric air by arranging the both air & water to come in contact with each other in such a fashion that heat transfer is maximum.

  3. The axial flow fans are noise-free. The low speed of the motor minimises noise and increases efficiency.

  4. Motors are specially designed to withstand moisture, rain and dust.

  5. This assures better contact of air and water and the high cooling efficiency.

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