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Air Circulation Fan

Air Circulation Fan

INR 0.00 - INR 0.00


Frequency 50/60HZ
Color Silver
Brand Agriplast
Size 560 X560 X 380mm
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 220 - 380 v
Rated Power 110-190 W
RPM 1000-1400/min

Proper air dissemination makes consistency in temperature, mugginess, CO2, and oxygen inside the climate. It guarantees that each plant inside the nursery gets similar barometrical conditions. Air development additionally reenacts the breeze in nursery which reinforces the cell dividers of a plant's stem and straightforwardly impacts the structural honesty of plant development. For some, plants wind helps in fertilization. Numerous vegetable and elaborate plants are pollinated by means of the breeze.